What sets Pera Healthcare
apart from the others?

We have a deep understanding of clinical and business operating models, analytics, and financial management.

Pera Healthcare was founded when visionaries in the hospice industry joined with a leading group of capital investors who had a joint mission to improve the end-of-life experience.
This perfect blend of operational experience and financial backing makes it possible for our partners to achieve success.

Our vision is accomplished by development of competent employees who ensure that a patient and their family’s needs and concerns are addressed at every visit, that caregivers are given confidence in the cares that they give, and that nothing is overlooked at a visit, ever.

We have been in your shoes! As business owners and hospice experts with over 150 combined years of experience, we understand all aspects of operating a business, as well as the constant and ever-changing challenges that owners face. By operating multiple businesses, from inception to stable, sustainable award-winning companies, we can offer invaluable insight and support in the clinical, financial, operational, and growth-related challenges that you may be facing. Allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

We want to help others reach their dream and desired goal! It IS possible. We can be the support that you need. You tell us your needs and goals and we will skyrocket you there. We have the financial resources and experts in the industry to provide support where YOU WANT it. We will not plan on changing what you have going or taking over, but enhancing what you already have, how you see fit! You are in charge. We just want to assist you in getting there.

What it boils down to is that our team has a passion for people. Our mission is to bridge the employee and patient experience through unmatched quality and culture. We empower our partners with the education, resources, tools, and support needed to achieve their mission. In return, those partners are able to elevate the patient’s experience.

We can help you too! Reach out today to start the conversation.

meet The Owners

Kristopher R. Stice
, Co-President
Todd A. Stice
, Co-President
Ryan Forsgren
, Chief Financial Officer
Trenton J. Jenks
, Chief Medical Officer
Ashley Copeland
, Chief Operations Officer
Adam Stice
, Chief Strategy Officer
Jason Lancaster
, Chief Marketing Officer
Jessica Bilyeu
, Executive Manager
Kristopher R. Stice

As an owner of multiple businesses, Kris has firsthand experience in the challenges that business owners encounter. Kris is a people person! He has natural talent and interest in finding connections between people, systems, and industries.

• Co-founded multiple companies with Todd: Heart 'n Home Hospice, S&S Remedies, RxMatrix, and The Prescription Pad, etc.

• Certified Hospice Administrator Program via The Corridor Group.

• 17 years hospice experience.

• Entrepreneur, builder of companies, and visionary, mentored by a nationally recognized hospice consultant.

• Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a certification in Human Resource Management from George Washington University.